Redragon P029 Mousepad Flick S Pc

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Redragon P029 Mousepad Flick S Pc

Redragon p029 mousepad flick s pc is an ultra-smooth surface of highly fine quality.

Flick S P029

Designed for easy transport, you can have that surface where you feel comfortable wherever you need it, with all the quality and characteristics of always.

Double Stitching

The double-stitched edge greatly increases the service life and prevents the surface from fraying.

Ultra Smooth Surface

The high-quality fine mesh cloth allows optimal speed and precise control while gaming. Experience a silky smooth feel and ultimate comfort while browsing the web, working in the office, or playing your favorite games. A comfort zone to rest your wrist. Building

  • By combining fabric and silk fibers, we achieve a surface with which we achieve the best sliding results.
  • Its specially textured rubber bottom for superior grip promises a non-slip surface wherever it is placed.
  • It is fully waterproof and easy to clean.

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